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Fractional Chief Inclusion Officers
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEI&B) Consultants

Fractional Chief Inclusion Officers

No matter where your organization is in its diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI&B) journey, we are pleased to serve as your fractional Chief Inclusion Officer to set you up for success as you scale your efforts, building sustainable DEI&B practices from the inside out.We have hands-on experience working with organizations of all sizes, across industries, around the world.

DEI&B Consulting and Training

We can work with you to:

  • Craft your DEI&B strategy in a non-performative, data-driven, and sustainable way.

  • Facilitate trainings on unconscious bias awareness, psychological safety, gender inclusivity, recruiting with a DEI&B lens, and more.

  • Quantify and measure the efficacy of your DEI&B strategy.

  • Operationalize DEI&B efforts across your organization.

Megan Abman (they/she)My mission: To inspire confidence and empowerment.Expertise: Measuring DEI&B, executive buy-in, employee engagement.Values: Courage, integrity, curiosity, empowerment


Karyn Lu (she/her)My mission: To inspire moments of meaning and beauty through human connection.Expertise: Human-centered design, product & innovation, organizational culture.Values: Connection, empathy, creativity, possibility, optimism

Regina Motarjeme (she/her)My mission: To create space for positive change.Expertise: Change management, strategic planning, culture building, international fluency.Values: Humanity, open-mindedness, collaboration, compassion, transparency

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We are proud to be an ongoing partner of the Society of Women Engineers. Our live trainings, which members take for Continuing Education Units (CEUs), have occupied multiple spots in their top 5 live events list, with the course "Creating Psychologically Safe Organizations" voted #1 by participants.

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We are proud to partner with 31Talent, a boutique recruitment and growth firm centered around people. They place bar-raising talent with early to hyper-growth stage clients and provide services to help companies scale in a sustainable and responsible fashion.They started the company on the premise of building happier, healthier, more inclusive workplace environments. In a traditionally transactional industry, 31Talent's goal is to establish long term strategic relationships with select clients and candidates and to provide them with the tools and guidance they need in order to succeed.Taking into consideration the different stages of growing pains each company faces, they have curated a community of strategic partners that can support companies along the way. Along with Strata's DEI&B services, examples of this include Executive Leadership and Development, Corporate Wellness, Culture and Communication training, International Expansion and Corporate Development.

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"When you work with Strata, you have the opportunity to learn from Regina, Karyn and Megan, which means you get multiple valuable perspectives. The team brings thoughtful data and evidence-based expertise, and helps you consider the strategies and actions that will move you forward on your own, or your team's, journey. Beyond wisdom, the team brings curiosity and compassion to every conversation. There is no judgment, and the focus remains centered on working together toward a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace, regardless of where you're at right now. I know I'll continue to seek out their counsel and recommend that every leader does too!"
K. Haberkorn, Head of Talent, Range Ventures

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"In parallel with our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals, we recently engaged Strata as a strategic partner to help design and deliver an unconscious bias training that was equally informative, engaging and lighthearted. We’ve already received positive feedback from our global employees and look forward to Strata delivering more sessions throughout the year. This leadership team is experienced, influential and authentic... we couldn’t be happier. "
C. Keuler, Senior Director, Global Recruiting & L. Girsch, Principal Trainer, SpotX

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"[Strata's founders] are compelling in front of business and corporate audiences. The information they share is transformative and engaging. They keep listeners rapt, and they convey vital information through interactive presentations. They care deeply about DEI, and they have both research and anecdotal content to share. People across the age spectrum sit up and listen when they offer their insight, guidance, and wisdom."
M. Graham, Assistant Director, Career and Professional Development, CU Denver Business School

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"To say it was a privilege to work with Strata RMK would be an understatement. We cannot believe how engaging [their Unconscious Bias Awareness and Psychological Safety] virtual training sessions were and how much positive feedback we received as a result. We are so excited to continue to work with Strata."
J. Mitchell, People Business Partner, Uplight

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"Working with Strata has been one of the best choices our growing organization has made. Megan [as fractional CIO] has embedded herself into the organization, feeling like a full-time member of our crew from the start. That's no easy task when your whole team is remote!As a leader, Megan has challenged me, answered every question that comes to mind, and helped me on my path to becoming the CEO I want to be for our people. She has helped shape the future of our organization, and countless personal futures, with empathetic listening and a pragmatic, solutions-based approach to tackling the DE&I issues facing us all as human beings."
K. Weidner, Co-Founder, CEO, SRW

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"The culture you set early informs your company's future and we were looking for a partner in helping set the right stage for our next phase of growth. Strata has been an exceptional partner in providing consultation to our People Operations Department and sharing thought-provoking learning sessions to our company. From acknowledging unconscious bias to cultivating psychological safety, the team at Strata are industry experts in building an effective and inclusive culture."
T. Soler, Manager of People Operations, SonderMind


Changemakers Regina Motarjeme, Megan Abman, and Karyn Lu pioneered DEI&B programs within top Denver tech companies, and co-founded Elevate Change, a coalition of forward-thinking Colorado-based companies dedicated to cultivating inclusive workplaces. Today, they serve as fractional Chief Inclusion Officers and partner with companies around the world spanning a wide range of industries.With a combined background that includes neuroscience, design thinking, strategic execution, multigenerational and multicultural savvy, Strata aims to empower meaningful change within organizations.We are passionate about building community and knowledge sharing. Watch us discuss how to empower inclusive teams at Denver Startup Week, or listen to us on the "Let's Humanize The Workplace!" podcast as we discuss how DEI&B can impact employee retention.

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